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    Command  Position Equivalent Pay Board Infrastructure Security


    C-4 CEO Classified CEO - - a4.png
    C-3 COO 15,000,000 COO - - a3.png
    C-2 Board of Directors 10,000,000 Director Director Director a2.png
    C-1 Department Deputies 9,000,000 Manager Manager Manager a1.png
    O-4 Senior Officer 8,000,000   Master Engineer Chief o6.png
    O-3 Officer 7,500,000   Senior Engineer Special Agent o5.png
    O-2 Officer 7,000,000   Engineer Staff Agent o3.png
    O-1 Junior Officer 6,500,000   Junior Engineer Senior Agent o1.png
    E-3 NCO 5,500,000   Senior Technician Agent e3.png
    E-2 NCO 5,250,000   Technician Junior Agent e2.png
    E-1 NCO 5,000,000   Apprentice Cadet e1.png


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