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     Academy Director


    The Czerka Corporation established an Academy soon after it's foundation and it is overseen by the Office of the Academy. Responsible for the training of citizens for the duties that they will be taking, the Office of the Academy plays a vital role in the Corporation.

    Citizens seeking to join the Department of Defense or the Department of Infrastructure will first undergo a series of courses at the Academy that will provide a well-rounded and diverse education that will allow the citizen to perform their duties with minimial supervision. In recent times, the Office of the Academy has adapted its training policies from a theory-based model to a practical-based model with exam results exceeding early estimates.

    Whilst the Academy provides basic courses concerning logistics and construction, the Office of the Academy has been working with the Department of Infrastructure. A new training program, called "Civic Studies", has been developed to aid employees of the Department of Infrastructure to more accurately adjust starcharts, develop more efficient cities and control a variety of deadly atmospheres to make the Corporation a more safer place. 

    As part of the Corporation's stance on the galaxy and a citizen's duty, all citizens undergo basic combat training through the Academy. This allows them to fulfill their Reservist duties should they be called upon to serve the Department of Defense as well as ensuring every citizen is able to defend themselves against the troubles of the Galaxy.

    Any Czerka citizen can join the Office of the Academy with experience citizens preferred. Basic requirements include moderate/high activity and Discord usage.


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