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    CEO Ling Reen

    Chief Executive Officer

    The Czerka Corporation is built up as a Conglomerate with CEO Ling Reen as the head of it. As a Conglomerate it features several subdivisions to offer a wide spectrum of services to the customers.

    It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, formed from the Directors and Managers of the Corporation, to act out CEO Reen's plans. Led by the Chief Operating Officer, the Board of Directors manage the daily activities and are often the head of Departments or Subdivisions.

    There are two Departments in the Kingdom of Elysia: the Department of Security, tasked with the security and protection of Czerka territory, and the Department of Infrastructure, tasked with the development of Czerka territory. For duties not covered by the two Departments, there are numerous Offices including the Office of Recruitment, the Office of Morale and the Office of the Academy.

    At this time, there are two subdivisions: Czerka Mining and Industrial and Czerka Recycling. Both are leading corporations in their field and they serve to provide their services to Czerka customers.

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