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    Over a thousand years ago, Czerka Corporation flourished in the chaos of the Republic/Sith conflict. The company began selling supplies to both combatants, but sold exclusively to the Sith Empire towards the end of the war. At that time, Czerka expanded to become one of the largest and most diverse Corporations in the galaxy, operating outposts and drawing resources from almost every inhabited system.

    Wisely, Czerka Corporation stored much surplus merchandise away to fuel later sales. However, as the years wore on, the power of Czerka was broken by competition from smaller, more specialized companies. Sadly, the Corporation was faced with bankruptcy shortly before the Old Republic was supplanted by the Galactic Empire, and any remaining assets were auctioned off.

    Decades later, after the might of Czerka had almost faded from memory, a young Falleen by the name of Kyle Rainer came across a stash of ancient Czerka datapads containing information about the Corporation and revealing the location of many of their well-stocked supply bases. Intrigued, Kyle Rainer took it upon himself to find these bases and salvage any materials left behind. Surprisingly, the locations of these warehouses had been well-guarded by the last few directors of the Corporation, and so they had remained untouched for centuries. In these warehouses were piles of materials, rows upon rows of droids, and crates of tools and credits. With these new-found resources, Kyle Rainer recreated Czerka Corporation with the help of some friends and business associates. His quest to restore the Corporation to its former glory is continued to this day, by the efforts and contributions of her current members.

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