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  • The Department of Defense utilizes several types of vessels in their duties with some gaining fame for their roles in key operations. Below are the vessel types used by the Kingdom and the names of any deemed famous by the Elysian population.



    Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser

    The Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser, famous for the Katana Fleet lost during the time of the Old Republic, is the primary combat vessel of the Department of Defense. Packing a heavy punch, the Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser ensures each Battlegroup with the necessary firepower to take on any Fleet or support any ground offensive.



    The Mon Calamari Class Cruiser MC-80A is used as the flagship for each Battlegroup. With a wicked punch and hangers able to carry the bulk of a Battlegroup's starfighter squadrons, the MC-80A is a formidable opponent and it's presence is often enough to scare off even the most harden pirates.


    R-41 Starchasers

    The R-41 Starchaser is a wiry starfighter used by the Department of Defense for fleet defense and for system patrols. Packing an impressive array of weaponary allowing the R-41 Starchaser to be a dynamic multi-role starfighter, the R-41 is a favourite amongst the fighter pilots of a battlegroup.


    Razor Fighter

    The agile Razor Fighter finds it's place in the Department of Defense as a first-line fighter. Packing a similiar array of weaponary as the R-41 Starfighter, the Razor fighter has the added bonus of a hyperdrive allowing for deep strike missions or escort missions with the Y-Wing.




    Y-Wing BTL-S3

    Famed throughout the galaxy as a tough bomber, the Y-Wing BTL-S3 is the Department of Defense's primary bomber and strike starfighter capable of providing deadly firepower to any target. The Y-Wing has also found use as a reconnaissance vessel due to it's impressive sensor array package.


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