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    Lord Malith Sevath





    Before the Kingdom of Elysia, there was House Vigihan of the Avance Coalition which maintained a small Planetary Security Force which acted in auxiliary to the Wraiths, the faction responsible for military affairs within the Coalition. Upon the merger between Avance to the Trade Federation a group of Loyalists from House Vigihan broke from their mother government, refusing to forsake their heritage and independence which they enjoyed for over a decade. These loyalists would become the Kingdom of Elysia under King Arklari von Vigihan with a large swath of space in the Galactic South West which created a requirement for an organized military like none other; so born was the Department of Defence.

    The Department of Defense is responsible for the protection of four sectors in the wild Outer Rim. They train, equip, and mobilize battle groups in the ongoing mission of protecting Elysia and her citizens from threats from within and outside the Kingdom's borders, primarily skirmishing with planetary terrorist groups and pirate crews who wash across the Outer Rim in search of plunder. Through tenacity, honor, and loyalty, the Department of Defense ensures that its soldiers stand on Guard for the Kingdom to keep an ever vigilant eye towards the horizon for the next force that would dare challenge the Kingdom's Independence and Security.

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